Processed sugar is one of the plagues of modern society. It is essentially a substance robbed of its proteins, vitamins and minerals, which would otherwise allow the body to utilize and metabolize it. When continuously ingested, processed sugar is lethal as it is a source of empty calories. Rather than nourishing the body, it leaches from us until we are riddled with degenerative disease. Added sugar composes about 10% of the average calories an American eats in a day, and 1 in 10 Americans receives one quarter of their daily calories from added sugar.


You may be wondering how exactly refined sugar leaches from the body. The fact that it is a nutritionally void substance does not mean it merely has a neutral effect. When ingested, the body is forced to use a significant amount of resources through the digestion and detoxification demands processed sugar creates. The body’s resilience is bolstered by the many mechanisms it has to combat the debilitating effect of sugar. But, over time, the relentless attack of this toxic substance will cause the body’s own protective mechanisms to fold under the heavy load.

Processed sugar will cause the body to use up its own minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, to combat the acidic effect of sugar. This is the body’s attempt to return itself to a more alkaline pH, as continuous sugar intake will cause the body to become overly acidic. When the body becomes overly acidic, acidosis occurs, leading to the proliferation of disease causing bacteria, fungus, and viruses. The resulting diseases may include cancer, diabetes, heart disease and chronic fatigue. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the consumption of sugar correlated with an increased risk of heart disease, regardless of whether you are overweight or not.

Research has also shown processed sugar is linked to inflammation as inflammatory markers in the blood increase with their consumption. Additionally, sugar consumption has been shown to effectively disable parts of the immune system for hours at a time, with the duration of effect depending on the amount consumed.

Eventually, excessive sugar intake has a whole body effect. It is one of the primary causes of obesity in the United States. Not only does it lead to insulin resistance, but it also creates an accumulation of glycogen in the liver, which eventually fills up and leaks out into the bloodstream in the form of fatty acids. These fatty acids will eventually be stored as fat in the body’s most inactive areas, leading to excess fat accumulation. Moreover, these fatty acids will soon start mobilizing to vital organs, such as the heart and kidneys, impairing their function. The entire body is affected by the compromised function of these organs, and a domino effect of negative systemic issues occurs.

At club Detox, our programs are designed to rid the body of toxic substances, such as refined sugar, and put the body in an alkaline restorative state. They are engineered to help the body remove poisonous substances, reset the taste buds, and rid the body of fat and inflammation to halt the spread of disease. When one undergoes our 21-day program, the overall positive effect on their body is often remarkable. It has enabled people to heal themselves of a variety of ailments, including diabetes and chronic fatigue, to get their life back and on the right track towards total health and wellness.

Our juices are composed of the freshest vegetables, which contain only NATURAL sugars along with the vitamins and minerals that make these foods incredibly nutritious, just as nature intended. Rather than leaching from the body’s resources, our juices add to, rather than take from, the body because they pack all the nutrients found in several pounds of vegetables into a beverage that requires minimal digestive effort. The body can then focus on healing rather than processing and digesting cumbersome processed unnatural foods.

Additionally, the fruits and vegetables contained within these juices have anti-inflammatory nutrients that will reduce total body inflammation caused by the consumption of refined sugars. On top of that, our infrared saunas induce a deep tissue sweat that purges the body of toxin accumulation and further reduces inflammation.

The combination of the juices, infrared saunas, superfoods and Alkaline Living water at club Detox form a powerful program to cleanse processed sugar and the body. It will serve to rid the body of toxins, which can be attributed to so many of the chronic diseases plaguing human health.


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