club Detox was born out of a desperate need to find health and energy in a sick, over-medicated and overweight body of a busy mom juggling a demanding international career, business, family and kids.

Lenka Koloma, the founder, was born and raised in Europe in a doctor family. Beginning in childhood Lenka suffered with chronic health issues ranging from sinus infections, allergies, migraine headaches and fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue, digestive issues, candida and many other health issues as she grew into adulthood.

Lenka’s body was literally falling apart and she eventually found herself with borderline cancer. That’s when medications, surgeries and treatments stopped working. Medical protocols were just not making sense and Lenka knew she had to take her health into her own hands.

As an active fitness, physiology and nutrition enthusiast this set her on a journey to find the root cause of this long-term suffering.

Lenka spent significant time in Asia and Europe where she studied holistic approaches to healing. Fascinated by her discoveries, Lenka buried herself in endless research and studies of toxicology, physiology, nutritional science and the science of life. The results of Lenka’s extensive analysis guided her to discover the root cause of her misery, and provided the missing answers she needed to regain her health. Lenka's body was enervated and toxic. She had to clean up “the house."

It required significant investment, commitment and effort to convert her home into a detox retreat, but Lenka was on a mission and could no longer be stopped.

She diligently detoxed for a few weeks and could not believe what was happening to her body. All her medical issues were magically disappearing and being replaced by an amazing new energy, clarity of mind and purpose, and internal balance.

Additionally, her stubborn love handles, cellulite and unwanted pounds were literally melting off. When she finished her cleanse, a new person was born. Today, this person wakes up each morning with an abundance of energy, inner happiness and most assuredly a person who no longer needs any medication.

Before long, Lenka’s friends and neighbors wanted to experience the same transformation. She gladly opened her home to everyone interested and very soon found herself in the business of helping others to heal themselves. It was a wonderful journey of discovery and renewal. and for Lenka, this became a life-long passion.

Lenka loves to share her knowledge to show others that health is normal and also our fundamental right. Her passion is to empower everybody to embark on their own unique journey of discovery to unleash the inherent energy, health and vitality within them…the way nature intended it to be.

 Visit one of our centers today or join the Club Detox Online Membership today! Health is normal. Disease is an abnormal condition.

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