Juicing is a potent solution for providing the body the nutrients it requires to function properly and heal itself. Most people do not realize most of the food we consume is processed, nutrient-absent, unnatural food. Our nation is overfed and malnourished.

Even if you do eat your fruits and vegetable, a few servings a day it is no longer enough. Due to an ever-increasing population, the demands on soil to produce nutritional crops non-stop, 12-months a year is actually creating nutrient deficient food. With the state our soil is in today, the fruits and vegetables we consume are not as nutritious as they were in the past. 

When we juice vegetables and fruits, otherwise known as super foods, we are able to produce very high concentrations of nutrients. Through the process of juicing, the body can easily consume over 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables in one day. The simple act of eating these fruits and vegetables requires a significant amount of digestive effort from the body. 

However, since fruits and vegetables are stripped of their fiber when juiced, the body can easily digest them and immediately assimilate
their nutrients. As a result, the body is able to readily absorb the countless antioxidants, enzymes and minerals these foods supply with very little effort.

Juicing is an effective natural protocol for healing the body, so those suffering from a debilitating disease, such as cancer, can reap many benefits from drinking their nutrition. This process allows the body to be flooded with the nutrients it needs to fuel its many metabolic functions. Oxygenation is also ramped up, which is significant because it has been found that a lack of oxygen in the blood is a contributing factor for many degenerative diseases, including cancer.  

One of the benefits of juicing as a form of treatment is that it is completely non-invasive. As opposed to many other treatments in use today, juicing does not involve any surgical remedies or the nuking of the body’s immune system, which happens during chemotherapy. It does not work by further destroying what is already a weakened body.

To the contrary, juicing allows the body to heal itself by harnessing its natural healing powers. The body is quite adept at healing itself when allowed to, and it is allowed to when given the proper fuel it requires to execute these processes and function otherwise.

Degenerative disease can compromise the body’s ability to excrete wastes and toxins naturally, often leading to kidney failure. These toxins accumulate and remain stored in the body’s tissues. Juicing and detoxing facilitate the process of excreting these wastes, allowing the body to rid itself of the substances bogging it down that could open the door to serious and sometimes fatal disease.

Using fresh produce and consuming freshly made juices ensures the enzymes in the food remain active. The process of cooking food eliminates all of the enzymes that aid in digestion and nutrient absorption. Consuming ‘living food’ is the best way to make certain the body is receiving the plentiful beneficial enzymes the food  supplies, which then allows the immune system to be devoted to what’s really important in achieving good health. Juicing with live food frees the body from being preoccupied with having to deal with the chemicals, pesticides, hormones and ‘unnatural’ elements of the food which has become so commonplace in society today. 

While juicing is a major mechanism for boosting the immune system, its benefits go even further. The fruits and vegetables used to make these juices actually have cancer-killing elements that may be instrumental in halting the spread of cancer. For example, carrots have been known to be especially
effective cancer fighters with their potency being credited to the carotenoids they possess. Other vegetables included in our juices that contribute to fighting cancer include beets, cabbage, kale, and ginger.

The fresh juices at club Detox contain important and effective disease-preventing ingredients which supply potent enzymes to fortify the immune system. Juicing helps create a natural deterrent to debilitating illness and paves the way to a longer, healthier life.

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