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clubDetox is not just some juice bar. 

It is a revolutionary facility aimed to provide people the ability to harness
their own natural healing powers from the within. While the medical world today
has become so fixated on coming up with treatments to various symptoms through
medications and procedures, they have lost sight of the true answer to our
problems. It is not fixing the symptoms, but rather treating and preventing the
root cause: a toxic body. 








Why buy a clubDetox Franchise?

Experience.  clubDetox has been in business for several years as a highly successful Southern California (Orange County) area business.  Our experience means you can avoid expensive start-up mistakes and maximize profits from the start.

Support.  You’ll be taught what you need to know to start and run your business offering our unique products and services.

Name Recognition.  Brand names bring more customers into the business and provide a competitive advantage that independent units can seldom attain. We have achieved national brand attention.

Marketing.  Our national TV exposure assures that our brand remains in the forefront, top of mind.  Advertising programs provided by the company give your business national and regional exposure unavailable to most competitors at an affordable price.

Site SelectionYou’ll receive advice on desirable market area demographics, territory size, facility build out and other factors that will help you maximize profits.

Speed and EfficiencyWe know what needs to be done and how so we save you time in your startup phase. This means that you can begin marketing and working with customers right away!

Simplicity.  We know what functions and activities make money. So we keep your business focused so that you can concentrate on the activities that will make you the most money.


Purchase a clubDetox Franchise in 7 easy steps:

Step 1:  Review our website. Ask for and receive our introductory information package.

Step 2:  Complete our Request for Consideration Form at the bottom of this page.

Step 3:  After we receive your form, you will be contacted for a 20-30 minute interview to discuss our business model, your qualifications and your proposed territory with our consultant.  After this interview and upon proof of funds you may receive the Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document (UFDD) with exhibits including the Franchise Agreement.

Step 4:  Do your due diligence! Review the UFDD and consult your attorney and/or CPA as well as our independent franchise consultant free of charge. Gather all necessary information from the clubDetox owners with a video conference call to discuss the business in greater detail and talk to our operating franchisees.

Step 5:  If invited, come visit us in the Los Angeles area at our location for a Discovery Day to see our operation, meet our owners and see how we do business. Then make the decision to either purchase or pass on the opportunity.

Step 6 Set closing date, sign the Franchise Agreement and pay your franchise fee.

Step 7:  Attend training in Los Angeles, receive your Operations Manual and get started on your new business!


                     Request for Consideration Form

(In order to be awarded a franchise you will be required to provide proof of financial ability at a later date.)


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Please provide any additional information that you believe will help us award the franchise to you.
Please include any market analysis/demographics, competitors in your market, available retail space, etc.

Disclaimer: This website and the franchise sales information on this site do not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Certain states require that we register the FDD in those states. The communications on this web site are not directed by us to residents of any of those states. Moreover, we will not offer or sell franchises in those states until we have registered the franchise (or obtained an applicable exemption from registration) and delivered the FDD to the prospective franchisee in compliance with applicable law.

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