Our Toxic World

Detoxify For Health

We live in a world of chemicals - Air pollutants; pesticides; processed food with preservatives, hormones and colorings; synthetic sugary drinks; cosmetics; carpeting; furniture; electronics and medication leach harmful poisons into our body. These toxins cannot be metabolized, get trapped inside the body and cause serious damage to our health and well being.

Studies That Will Kill You

Recent studies confirm 100% of humans harbor PCBs, one of the most dangerous and potent causes of cancer known to man. Some 93% of Americans have traces of over 200 other chemicals in their system. Even newborns show traces of pesticides, PCB and other lethal agents. Scientist are now understanding the catastrophic correlation to the skyrocketing increase in heart disease (500% since 1900), cancer (400% since 1900), diabetes, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and all other modern ills to the environmental hazards and poor nutrition habits of the Western-diet.

Toxins = Weight & Health Issues

Just picture all the toxins weighing you down. Extra pounds, poor health and even lack of energy are all signs of toxicity. Freeing your body of these poisons is the new 21st century lifestyle; a lifestyle of wellness and disease prevention rather than sitting back and letting the chemicals, processed food and pharmaceutical designers put more contaminants into your body.


Detoxification is the solution! You must cleanse your body of all poisons and unnatural substances to establish proper pH balance and harmony. ClubDetox offers the most comprehensive cleanse for your body, mind & spirit. We have the knowledge, protocols and special programs to flush the bad out of your system and unlock the health and well-being potential you were born to enjoy life with. 

Visit one of our centers today or join the Club Detox Online Membership today! Health is normal. Disease is an abnormal condition. 


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