Every Successful Athlete And CEO Has A Great Coach Behind Them

Invest in your health and hire a health coach! Get your one-one-one time with Lenka directly. 

Lenka offers unique expertise in the science of life and is a recognized health and lifestyle coach. Being raised in a doctor family and dealing with debilitating chronic disease for over 30 years she understands the erroneous approach of trying to find a cure rather than stop the cause of a disease. She healed herself and now offers the same knowledge to others. Knowledge based on the law of cellular biology and principles of homeostasis to support the body’s natural power to heal and repair itself. She is a radical thinker, researcher and detox expert. She lived in your shoes and can best relate to sickness suffering and how to get well. 

Lenka has traveled throughout Japan, Korea, China and Europe seeking holistic practices and techniques. She studied nutritional science, toxicology, physiology and science of life. Her revolutionary detox protocol has helped hundreds to heal themselves and prevent chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, cancer and many other health issues. It is Lenka’s life-long passion to empower others on their own healing journey.

Health coaching sessions are available in person, via phone or video call. Let Lenka take you on your journey to recovery. 

Health Coaching Session Cost: $125 per hour 

Lenka Koloma








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